Jumat, 28 Januari 2011


Vision School of Health Sciences Fort De Kock Bukittinggi is; Achieve Health High School of Fort De Kock became the University of Excellence in 2012 and leading in the implementation of Tri Dharma University in the field of science and technology, to create a human resources professional and independent in West Sumatra

Mission College of Health Sciences Fort De Kodk Bukittinggi is:
1.     Conducting research that produces products according to the needs of development priorities and disseminate through publications, studies and application of innovative technology in society.
2.       Organizing community service as needed.
3.       Develop Program.
4.       Completing the facilities and infrastructure to support teaching and learning process.
5.       Improving the quality of human resources.
6.       Establish cooperation with various parties within the framework of educational development

The purpose of the High School of Fort De Kock Bukittinggi is:
The purpose of higher education in STIKes Fort De Kock in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of National Education Republic of Indonesia No. 232/U/2000 lead on Professional Education which aims as follows:
a.       Preparing students to be members of the public who have the academic ability and professional skills that can apply, develop and enrich science and technology in the field of health.
b.      Develop and disseminate science and technology and seek the use of science and technology to improve living standards for people and culture of the people particularly in health.
c.       Support the development of a democratic civil society with an active role as an independent moral force.
d.      Achieving competitive advantage through the application of the principle of resource management in accordance with the principles of professional management



College of Health Sciences Fort De Kock Bukittinggi has been planned since 2002, which was the brainchild of several members of the Education Foundation of Fort De Kock Bukittinggi.

The foundation is led by a Head of the Foundation who chaired by Drs. Zainal Abidin, MM.setelah conducted several meetings, then the members of the foundation to find an agreement to establish a higher education will be established in the town of Bukittinggi. Higher Education to be established was devoted to health. After this idea was agreed by all members of the foundation, then resumed his conversation with the city government who was then mayor of Bukittinggi Bukittinggi in shake by Drs. H. Djufri.

After no further discussion with Mr. Mayor of Bukittinggi, when it also directly responded to this idea by him, since the establishment of this university in accordance with the Vision and Mission Administration is making the City of Bukittinggi Bukittinggi as a city of education and tourism city. On the basis of the vision and mission of Bukittinggi Bukittinggi is the government agreed with the Foundation to give the name of this university with HIGH SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCE BUKITTINGGI Fort De Kock, The formation of an agreement with the government of Bukittinggi, the establishment was born of a college recommendation letter by the Mayor of Bukittinggi as sign has been permitted to establish a college in the city of Bukittinggi.

The process of establishment was further processed in the Ministry of Health of Indonesia to get the recommendations in the field of Human Resources who will then request permission to use the process at the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia in Jakarta. Two years later tepetnya June 15, 2004 was published Decree No. minister. 77/D/O/2004.